Hello all friends and family-

The summer of 2008 changed everything for me.  This is when I first experienced the symptoms of what was later diagnosed as Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC).  This auto-immune disorder narrows the bile ducts, preventing the natural flow of bile from the liver to the intestines.  Paths to curing this disorder are difficult and I have been dependant on stents to keep my bile ducts open since then.

Unfortunately, this condition is correlated with cholangiocarcinoma, a rare bile duct cancer.  In December of 2009, I received my first positve biopsy and disgnosis for this disease.  Liver transplant could have been an option, but a subsequent positive biopsy of a nearby lymph node prevented that option.  I also tried resection surgury in February, but the progression of my disease complicated that option as well.

Though it is always difficult to have options taken away, I am determined to do what I can to remove this cancer from my body.  I have a great group of medical professionals from many different traditions and disciplines on my team, providing excellent care.  So right now, I am using a combination of Chinese medicine, acupuncture, natropathy and medical oncology and radiology to attack this disease.  And, really, with so much support, this cancer has no chance!

It is very easy to read about this disease on the internet and become pessimistic.  However, the best medicine is always a fighting spirit and an optimistic outlook.  So my biggest desire, and the best way for all of my family and friends to help, is to maintain a positive attitude and focus all of our positive energy on healing and kicking this cancer in the ass!

Keeping in touch is never easy- expecially when you are no good a returning phone calls.  So, in order to help everyone keep in touch, Cameron and I have decided to start this blog to keep everyone in the loop- not just with my health, necessarily, but with everything we are going through.

We are truely lucky people to be surrounded by so many friends and family.  Everyone has been so generous with their time, prayers and general well wishes.  Know that we love you all and you are constantly in our thoughts.

Erin and Cameron


3 responses to “About

  1. Norma Galagarza

    Hello Erin,
    I am Steve Galagarza’s mom and although you don’t know me, I certainly feel like I’ve gotten to know you. I am sending positive karma your way, I know you will “kick this cancer in the ass” Don’t let it get the best of you. Stay positive its what keeps us all going. All my love. I hope to meet you someday. Regards to Cameron 🙂

  2. Hi Erin and Cameron,
    This reply is from Marge, Andy Batchelor’s mother. Andy told us your news and you have been in our thoughts and prayers ever since. I know that your positive thoughts and “fight back” “kick ass” attitude will see you through this difficult time. We are so far away, yet still feel connected. Thank you so much for creating this blog.
    We send our love and good wishes,
    John and Marge

  3. Kirsten

    I just wanted to say that I am so amazed by you. You have so much drive and determination that nothing stands in your way. Your heart and spirit are so beautiful and strong I know that will help you find your way to perfect health. You inspire me to change how I look and react to life. Keep kicking ass my dear.

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