It’s a new year and, hot dog, it’s gonna be a good one!!!

Well hello there. It has been a while. I hope that everyone had fabulous holidays and a smashing new year! Cameron and I were lucky enough to host my grandparents and mom for Thanksgiving as well as spend much of the holiday season with friends and family. We also spent our first Christmas in our new house with Wrex-a-million (Christmas card will be posted shortly). But 2011 been an interesting year so far…

I will try to get you up to speed with the Erin-tale. It’s amazing how much can happen in five months! Perhaps that is why savvy bloggers update weekly or monthly instead of bi-anually. Anyway, last I posted I still had 8 radiation treatments to go. I am happy to say that I made it through those treatments without any issues. I was so relieved to have that sci-fi experience behind me and six weeks of cancer vacation ahead of me. The six weeks flew by and I was regaining strength and energy at a steady pace. I was feeling so good that when I went in for my follow-up scans, I didn’t expect anything but good news.

Unfortunately that was not the case. Apparently the area that was in the radiation zone was cancer free but somehow the cancer had spread to other areas in the liver, lungs and lymph.

BAAAAMMM!!! Smack, right in the face! You have got to be kidding me!!! How is that even possible? I was taking oral chemo while on radiation. Now that sh*t is all over the place. Aaaarrrrggggg!

So after many tears and long, exaggerated words my family and I pulled ourselves together to discuss the game plan. My new chemo regimen, GemCis, would be administered once a week for two weeks and then I would have a week off. So that is what I did. Chemo. Again.

The side effects were not to bad and my amazing team of alternative practitioners kept me pretty comfy. This regimen came with me into the new year but I was optimistic that it would be worth it.

Then…two weeks ago my oncologist set up a CT scan so that we could check the status of the tumor with the new chemo cocktail. My mom, dad, Cameron and I piled into my oncologists office this past Wednesday only to hear that the tumors in my liver have grown even more. So much for that cocktail…

I am due to start yet another chemo regimen, Fol-fox, tomorrow. The super fun part about this chemo is that I have four hours of infusion and then I have a portable chemo dispensing fanny pack attached to me for two more days (expect photos from my fanny pack photo shoot). On the up side, I only have to go in every other week for four doses. Then we will reassess.

Now you are all caught up. I apologize for my prolonged absence from the blogging realm. I hope that I didn’t cause any of you undue stress or worry. I am going to do my best to keep this blog up to date but if for some reason I fall behind, know that I can be a slacker and/or a procrastinator 🙂

Be well!



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5 responses to “It’s a new year and, hot dog, it’s gonna be a good one!!!

  1. Carol Hall

    Dearest Erin, Thanks for the update. I get so very little from Bill’s talks with Cameron. You and Bill are so alike as far as discussing unpleasant subjects. I applaud your strength. As for me, I’ll bring you all my vinyl LP’s in June. All my love, Carol

  2. Maunee Haeberlin

    You’re probably tired of hearing it, but your amazingly wonderful attitude is an inspiration to everyone! And when in the future someone invites me out for a cocktail, I’ll think of you and smile! They WILL find the right cocktail for you, I just know it! Sorry I didn’t have time to come and meet you when I was up there for Peyton and Rey’s baptism, but I was only there one full day…had to rush home because I got two new heaters (since it was 9 degrees one night, I thought it was kind of important!) Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to your fanny pack pictures! love, Maunee

  3. Cathy Dallmeier

    Dear wonder woman ERIN…

    Your good positive attitude gives me HOPE, say’s your friend Laura a patient
    at Mission Hospital, Mission Viejo two weeks now. Maybe we didn’t get cured
    in Medugorje, but we sure had a good time…That’s the voice of Laura speaking and this is Cathy tapping this message out to you on this last Sunday in January 2011.
    We love you and cheer you on to victory with all the chemo you are having to endure. Sure will be special when we meet up again. I, Cathy feels very sorry
    to read that you have had a tough time with your health but dear one you are not giving up and fighting hard to win, just like the song “IMPOSSIBLE DREAM.”

    Now to share what happened to your pilgrim friend Laura…Laura suffered a bad fall 15 days ago in the early morning. By Sunday evening she was very ill and admitted to the hospital, then transferred to SCIU almost a week and then to Cardio Care Intensive Unit for a few days and now she is resting comfortably in the cardio unit. She is not able to eat or drink liquids and relying on a feeding tube for nourishment. Laura did have pneumonia but the medicine given has taken care of the infection and now still receiving breathing treatments. Her sister Karen so good and best caregiver in the world. Laura’s son Conor returned to Philadelphia, PA to finish collegiate studies and work at Apple on Jan. 2. Laura’s birthday Jan. 11 and we celebrated with Diane and Donna at the Cedar Creek Inn in San Juan Capistrano on Sunday Jan. 9. Laura’s birthday we started the day at 7:00a.m. Mass at Our Lady of Fatima, San Clemente and ended up in the evening at Laura’s favorite chinese restaurant. in SC. I figured after all the trips Laura had asked me to go on, the best gift I could give Laura would give her my entire day.
    Nada visited Laura on Friday and brought a lovely vase of white and red tulips and a ceramic angel cherub with a prayer card of St. Raphael.
    I’m happy you had wonderful Christmas memories with Cameron, Wrex and your beloved family. How’s your darling niece, Danelle? I still visit Destiny at the Village and she is 14 years now.
    Laura sends her love.

    My love and prayers too,

  4. Cathy Dallmeier

    Good evening Erin…

    Here I am jabbering again but just wanted you to know that sisters Diane and Donna visited Laura early evening. Remember they were on the pilgrimage that we shared in May 2010? They are sending their love and prayers to you.

    Better days in February I hope and pray for you and for Laura too.


  5. Montie

    Keep fighting. Keep building that character!

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