8 has never seemed like such a large number…

Hello Everyone!

I’m sorry that I haven’t done a better job at keeping you all updated. As it turns out, radiation is not super fun. Hmm. I was coasting through the first couple of weeks without any significant side-effects. Then around week 4 things started to catch up with me. My energy level has plummeted, which frustrates the HECK out of me. I hate not being able to do anything except go to treatment and then come home and remain horizontal for the rest of the day. Although I do have an awesome “laying-around-on-the-floor” buddy. Wrex is starting to think I am sack of potatoes cleverly dressed as a woman in pajamas. So he sniffs me, lays his head on me for a while and then plops down next to me. We really are a match made in heaven…until papa Cameron gets home, that is. It must be something about the testosterone levels because as soon as Cameron walks through the door Wrex has no interest in me whatsoever. It’s pretty hilarious! Man’s best friend… isn’t that what they say?

So, radiation. Blarg! I only have eight treatments left, eight, but it still feels like so many. The last eight treatments are called a “booster” in the biz. It is the same dosage of radiation but the area that is being treated is a little bit smaller. They will be focusing mostly on my liver and less on the biliary tree. The techs have told me that I shouldn’t notice too much of a difference and at this point I just want to make it through the next week and a half. I have been having sporadic fevers the past couple of weeks that could either be my body burning off dead cancer cells (!) or an infection brewing because of my stent 😦    We are hoping for option A obviously but it is really difficult to actually know what is going on.

So I am going to ask all of you powerful people to continue sending my family and I good thoughts. I know that you have been doing this for so long and I truly believe that your prayers and happy thoughts have carried me this far. I am so close, even though it feels so far away, and knowing that you all are out there and are thinking of me is what gets me through each day.

Thank you as always for all that you do!



My boys!



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8 responses to “8 has never seemed like such a large number…

  1. Maunee Haeberlin

    your boys are a couple of handsome devils, aren’t they?!? I’m still sending positive thoughts and prayers your way, and I’m sure that Carol and Bill will bring good cheer your way this week! bless you and your amazing attitude, love, Maunee

  2. Kirsten

    Positive thoughts and prayers are coming your way! Love you! Your Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Scott & Em

    😉 amazing thoughts being sent your way! if you want something to do while lying there…grab some #2 pencils and see how many you can land in the ceiling before one comes falling back and hits you in the face. thumb tacks work well too! (hopefully you have cottage cheese ceilings)

    we could use a break from paisley, so if you want her to keep you company when rex is playing with cam…let me know. we’d be happy to ship her to you for a few months

    we love you and we’re thinking about you each and every day. remain strong and remember, its only 41 more days until ‘international talk like a pirate day.’ we miss you guys…

    love, scott & em

  4. I wish I was there to lay around and do nothing with you – think of the ‘Sex & the City’ marathon we could have!! Glad Wrex is there in the meantime… I *heart* you.

  5. eva King

    Hi Erin Blessings for your journey that you’re traveling sooooo bravely! Mary k. keeps me updated!

  6. Mike V.

    Your family in TN is praying for you everyday, your amazing.

  7. Carol Hall

    Erin, Dear,
    Three weeks in Portland still seemed too short for me. Thank you for understanding my absence. You were and are still in my heart and prayers daily. My small mustard seed pin I received from Debbie a few years back has come to represent my prayers for you. When I see or touch it, I am immediately connected. I wonder if you feel me???? Hmmmm? Your house is adorable. I can hardly wait to see what you and Cameron add to its’ charm.
    Anywho, I’m so happy that you are regaining your strength. Bill felt so happy to be able to spend time with you and assist with the hospital and doctor visits. It wasn’t much, but being so far away all the time is difficult.
    Thank you, again, for understanding my time commitments and mixed emotions. Your Mom is so lucky being close to you.
    All our love – Always, Carol and Bill

  8. mark

    As your forner boxing coach ,….. I wish you resolve , balance, toughness and an increasing personal ” WILL” in achieving a full recovery

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