3 down…30 to go!

Radiation treatment began this week. So far I have completed three treatments and I have also started my daily regimen of oral chemo. The first day was scary but once again I had my rockin’ support team to help get me through it! I consider myself so lucky to have such selfless, thoughtful, loving people in my life. Simone has been my best friend since the seventh grade and she journeyed from San Francisco to be with me for this first week of treatment. So not only do I have my amazing husband and family at my side, along with all of your support, I get to have a slobbering dog and my BFF here to hold my hand and keep me smiling! I truly am a blessed woman.

Radiation treatment is not at all what I expected. It takes place in this huge, cold room adorned with sci-fi looking lasers and computer screens. I lay on a platform in this weird body caste that was molded to fit my upper half. Then the technicians come in and line up my tattoos (don’t worry dad, these tattoos are tiny little dots on my abdomen not a portrait of Cameron’s face on my shoulder-blade!) with these lasers that align my body in the exact same position every time. Then this crazy machine circles the platform 360 degrees, stopping every couple of inches to project the radiation onto carefully calculated places on my abdomen. I don’t feel anything while this is happening but it is still kind of creepy…

In an attempt to stay positive during treatment I have taken to visualizing Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes zapping my cancer cells as if they were aliens from the planet Zorg. Do you remember those cartoons? Calvin is usually at school daydreaming about being a space hero, slaying aliens with his laser gun. Usually the alien turns out to be his teacher. Well, in my visualization Calvin is in my bile ducts and he is obliterating all of the malignant cells to smithereens!! It keeps me entertained for the 20-30 minutes that I am on the table.

The side effects haven’t been too noticeable yet. I have been tired and slightly queasy, which is to be expected. Today I had the tech’s turn the satellite radio to the Oldies station. That always makes me happy and seems to pass the time!

Thank you to all of you who keep tabs on me. I know that so many of you are praying and sending us your well wishes. You are amazing and you are definitely a driving force that keeps me going even when I want to run away and hide. I couldn’t do this without you…truly.


Here is Simone and I in the waiting room on the first day of treatment. We were pretending that we were in line at Disneyland waiting to get on Space Mountain! That is way more fun!

And here is Rex-A-Million, the Best Dog Ever!!



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2 responses to “3 down…30 to go!

  1. Carol Hall

    Erin, honey, you are the strongest person I know!! Hooray for Simone being there with you. That’s truly a BFF!!! Bill and I hold you in our heart and minds 24/7!!!! I love the Calvin and Hobbs mind game. I’ll use that visual from now on. All our love always, Carol and Bill

  2. Brooke

    Hey Erin–

    I just got caught up on your blog and am thinking of you. Cameron didn’t mention you got a dog! That’s awesome. And I admittedly have a Team Jacob t-shirt that Bianca sent me… and, yes, I wear it to school and get funny looks, from both students and professors. I also have Jersey Shore-esque painted toenails with flower designs on them. I was just at a conference last weekend and caught people staring at my toes (but refraining from commenting). I figure these are good ways to get a little laugh (in my head!) during the day.

    I like reading your blog and hope writing is therapeutic for you– I’ve found it helpful. Take good care. B

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