Twilight Tour!!!

This post is so overdue! These photos were taken a while back when Sarah was still visiting. Being the dorks that we are, we decided to take a self-guided Twilight tour to see some of the actual locations from the first Twilight film. First, we stopped by the Carver Cafe where Bella and her dad Charlie feasted on burgers and salads. The employees at the cafe instantly knew why we had come. The waitress entertained us with stories and even took our photo outside. It was truly a magical meal!

After our bellies were filled with greasy delights, Sarah and I headed for the forest. It wasn’t really a forest but a collection of mossy boulders, beautiful greenery and the faint smell of vampires. Wow, I can’t believe that I am actually admitting to being a Twi-hard! Please don’t think less of me (even after you see this next photo). Oh, good times…



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3 responses to “Twilight Tour!!!

  1. …what a great day!! 😀

  2. Dorothy Riggs


    Hi Erin and Cameron,
    It’s so wonderful that you took a trip abroad! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and viewing the pictures. Sara and Jamie are going to Forks this summer. We love the Twilight series!

    You are a fabulous couple. I have a pic of Erin wearing her special dancing shoes at your wedding! We had so much fun, and were truly honored to be there.

    You are in my prayers,
    Love, Dorothy

  3. liz

    Awesome! The pics of you and Sarah by the mossy rocks are brilliant. Not to be ignorant but I didn’t see it in the post – where is this land of Twilight? xx

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