One Year of Bliss!

Yesterday, June 20th 2010, was Cameron and my 1 year Anniversary! It was a fun-filled day! Cameron painted in the new house (Yes, we bought a house and I promise that I will post photos soon) and I entertained the newest member of our little family…

This is Rex! He is 4 year-old lab collie mix. We got Rex from the Humane Society two days ago and he is adjusting very well to his new home. He did cry today when Cameron left for work so I had better stop typing and get walking!

Yay for marriage! Sarah e. Mayer took these photos of us for the engagement section of her website. I’m not sure if we made the cut! What do you think, are we website worthy?



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2 responses to “One Year of Bliss!

  1. hi Rex!!!! will he and Fatima ever meet?

  2. Shauna Erd

    I love those pictures! So sweet!

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