European Adventure…

I recently returned from a pilgrimage through Europe with my dad, step-mom and niece. Our final destination was Medugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Medugorje is a small town where the Virgin Mary appeared to seven children some years ago. Some of these children, who are now adults, are still visited by Mary and given messages to share with the world.

We flew into Switzerland and took a huge tour bus to Bosnia and Croatia. Driving along the Swiss Alps was amazing! Switzerland is so clean and beautiful. And the chocolate is quite delicious!!

We drove through Switzerland into northern Italy. We stayed in Italy for a few days visiting various churches and relics. We were lucky enough to see the Shroud Of Turin on its last day of exhibition. There is major controversy about whether or not this is the shroud that wrapped Jesus after the crucifixion. I am far from being an expert on such things but I do know that being in that church only feet away from the shroud was very powerful.

We also made a brief stop in Venice. We only had a few hours in this romantic city but it was long enough to wine and dine Italian-style. I love Italy and believe that everyone should go there at some point in their lives. You just feel alive in Italy, or at least I do 🙂

After Italy we headed for Croatia. Medugorje is situated right outside of the Croatian border in Bosnia-Herzegovina. In town there is a small church that holds masses in several different languages. People come from all over the world to be healed and blessed. Miracles happen very frequently in this small town- everything from the sun spinning in the sky to people being cured of their illnesses. Mary appears to the visionaries on two different hilltops: Apparition Hill and Mount Crucifix. On one of our day-trips we climbed Apparition Hill. It was no easy feat. I didn’t even attempt to make it up the second mountain.

I am still digesting everything that happened in Medugorje. As far as I know I wasn’t miraculously healed (although I did just have another CAT scan so I will keep you posted) but I think that I did receive a little bit of grace up there on the mountain. I also had a chance to spend time with my dad and my family, which is always healing in its own way. It was a trip that I will never forget… that’s for sure.



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2 responses to “European Adventure…

  1. Carol Hall

    Erin, Your trip looks like it was fantastic. What a great opportunity! Thanks for sharing. I’m betting on the miracle!
    Love you always, Carol

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