Check out these Wild Animals!

My dear friend, Miss Sarah Mayer, has come to visit. We took a trip to the Oregon Coast and stumbled upon these wild elk having a snack.

While on the coast we stopped at Canon Beach and Astoria. Both places are featured in the amazing 80’s flick, The Goonies… Haystack Rock and the County Jail!!



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3 responses to “Check out these Wild Animals!

  1. Anna LaRosa

    Hi Erin,
    Congratulations on the new house… exciting. I hope you are doing well and giving Cameron a hard time:) Since we are now in Portland we would love to see you guys. My Mom and Bill keep me updated on you two. Take care of each other.
    Sincerely, Anna, John, Peyton and soon to be baby Rey

  2. Love the pics!! Looks like you were having lots of fun. Yay!! love you tons and tons!

  3. What beautiful pictures. I’m still waiting to get my Nikon. Love your blog and I hope I can see you guys soon! Love you!

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