Hello Everybody!!!

So, here we begin- venturing into the internet to stay connected with all my friends and family.  I am so appreciative of all of the support.  So although I am horrible at returning phone calls (better only than Cameron at that), I hope that I can use this blog to keep everyone up-to-date!



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7 responses to “Hello Everybody!!!

  1. hello erin + cameron! i’ll see you tomorrow!!!

  2. Mary Kouma

    Hello Erin Rose! Sending my love to you and Cameron. Love the pics. You are sooooo beautiful 😉 XO

  3. Janet Pittrich

    Hello Erin,
    I just wanted to say I am thinking of you and Cameron, sending prayers your way……
    I see you Radiantly Healthy NOW !!! Love and Hugs, Janet

  4. Brian Marcontell

    Hi Erin!
    It’s one of your old Balboa buddies from way back when… I am thinking about you and sending you and your family all the warm healing loving thoughts I possibly can. You are an inspiration of courage and strength and I am visualizing you healthy and ready to dance next time you make it back to Santa Barbara… thanks for making the blog to keep us up to date and keeping you in our thoughts… All my best to you and Cameron..
    Love and Hugs.. Brian

  5. Heather Marshall

    Erin, these pictures are so wonderful!!! I love seeing your beautiful smile, and I miss you bunches!!!

    Love, Heather

  6. Tom Heiduk

    Dear punkin – please get better!! I worry about you and think about you lots.


  7. Dorothy Riggs

    Hi Erin and Cameron,
    I love the pics of your trip abroad and the Twilight tour, as well. Sara and Jamie will be going to Forks this summer. I love the Twilight series!

    HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! You are a fabulous couple! Your wedding was so much fun! I have a pic of you, Erin, in your special dancing shoes!

    You are in my prayers ,

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